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Guidance: Dublin III Regulation

Asylum policy guidance for staff on transferring asylum claimants into and out of the UK where responsibility for examining an asylum claim lies with the UK or with another EU Member State or Associated State.

Guidance: Current account closed or refused based on immigration status

Updated: New phone number for complaints allocation hub and updated leaflet: current account closed or refused based on immigration status.

If you are in the UK illegally you may be disqualified from opening or holding a current account.

Banks and building societies must not open a new current account for you or add you to an existing account if you are disqualified. This took effect on 12 December 2014 under section 40 of the Immigration Act 2014.

Read ‘Home Office leaflet: current account application refused’ for information about what to do if your application for a cur...

Guidance: Tuberculosis test for a UK visa: clinics in Bhutan

You must be tested for tuberculosis if you are coming to the UK for more than 6 months and are a resident of Bhutan. Find out the location of approved testing centres in Bhutan.

Form: Correct a registration or naturalisation certificate

Updated: Updated form published.

If you notice a mistake on your certificate of registration or naturalisation you must notify us using this form.

Guidance: Historical background information on nationality

The history of British nationality law falls into 4 periods, which are marked by key pieces of legislation:

  • before 1915
  • between 1915 and 1948
  • between 1949 and 1983
  • after 1983

This document can be used in conjunction with other nationality guidance to assess citizenship claims where the person’s age requires the different laws in place at the time of their birth be taken into account.

News story: Home Office announces changes to Grenfell immigration policy

Under the original policy, eligible foreign nationals directly affected by the fire with uncertain immigration status could be granted 12 months’ limited leave to remain in the UK with full access to relevant support and assistance.

The changes announced today will enable those who qualify under this policy and who come forward before 30 November to have their limited leave extended and to qualify for permanent residence after a total period of 5 years’ leave granted under the policy, subject to meeting security, criminality and fraud checks.

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said:

Guidance: Apply for a British Overseas Territory or Commonwealth country visa

Use this guide to find out the process on how to apply for a visa to a Commonwealth country or British overseas territory.

Guidance: Assisted Digital: UK Visas and Immigration

Assisted Digital is the help that government gives to ensure that we do not exclude any users of government services.

UK Visas and Immigration offers a UK-wide Assisted Digital service to support customers who need digital help to complete their immigration application online.

This service does not provide immigration advice.

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