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Guidance: Refugee leave

Updated: Updated guidance.

Asylum policy guidance used by UK Visas and Immigration when an applicant has been granted asylum under Immigration Rule 334.

Policy paper: Non-compliance with the biometric registration regulations

Updated: Updated guidance for completing the form 'objection to a notice of liability to pay a civil penalty for failure to comply with biometric registration regulations'. .

If a foreign national does not comply with requirements made under the biometric registration regulations, the Secretary of State may:

  • refuse or reject an immigration application for leave
  • vary or cancel a personís existing leave; refuse to issue an identity card for foreign nationals
  • issue a civil penalty notice.

The Secretary of State would not issue a civil penalty notice and impose one of the other sanct...

Guidance: Ceasing asylum support: instruction

Updated: Updated guidance.

UK Visas and Immigration asylum process guidance about how we make decisions.

Guidance: Requests for accommodation in London or other areas: process

Updated: Updated guidance.

UK Visas and Immigration asylum support policy bulletin about how we make decisions on asylum seekersí support applications for accommodation in London or other areas.

Guidance: European Return Fund: summary for 2008 to 2013

Updated: Updated European return fund summary

The UK receives an annual allocation from the European Return Fund, which it administers according to strict rules set by the European Commission.

This document is a summary for 2008 to 2013, showing how the UK is spending and administering its allocation.

Guidance: Managing foreign national offenders under 18 years old

Updated: Updated guidance.

UK Visas and Immigration modernised guidance on how it manages foreign national offenders under 18 years old who are being deported.

Now you see him, now you don't - visa-less magician is removed from the UK

UK Border Agency officers at Liverpool's John Lennon airport were far from spellbound when a Turkish man tried to get past United Kingdom border control without a visa, claiming to be on his way to the Intercontinental Stage Magic Championships in Blackpool.

The 35-year-old Turkish man arrived on an evening flight from Gerona, Spain on 18 February, with a number of luggage items including a large magician's box stage prop.

Immigration and asylum statistics released
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